Worcester Foregate Street (WOF)

Worcester Foregate Street is the smaller of Worcester's two railway stations, though is more centrally located in the city than Worcester Shrub Hill.
Type: National Rail
(Snow Hill Lines)
Station code: WOF
Opened: 1860
Platforms: 2

Worcester Foregate Street was opened by the Hereford & Worcester Railway in 1860. Later becoming part of the West Midlands Railway and finally the Great Western Railway.

Worcester Foregate Street is unusual in that both platforms are bi-directional and is more like two single track/platform stations next to each other. One line is for trains from Birmingham Snow Hill heading to Malvern and as far as Hereford. The other is for trains from London Paddington as far as Hereford.

Worcester Foregate Street is nowadays served by the modern day namesakes of the West Midlands and Great Western Railways. The station is built on a viaduct with access via lifts and steps, changing between platforms is via the subway underneath the station.
WMR 172 336 arrives at the station

GWR 166 212 arrives from Shrub Hill

View down the platform

Station entrance and bridge over the road

LM 172 214 arrives from Snow Hill

GWR 166 105 arrives