Calling at... is a personal guide to the railway stations of Britain. Which stations? Well this includes all National Rail network stations. It also included preserved line stations and also stations in metro networks like the London Underground, even accessible closed stations too... so more or less everything!

However only stations i have actually been to will be covered. So if a station you like has not been covered all you need to do is give me time as i will get there eventually. The only exception are stations that are now closed and no longer exist, obviously it is impossible for me to go back in time to visit them when they were open so I have used other materials for these.

Although this blog began well before the All The Stations project (July 2016 to be exact) i have been inspired by Geoff & Vicki's adventures and like them I will, one day, have visited every single station in the country. Though at my current rate it will take me well over 20 years...

All text, photos and videos are by myself unless otherwise stated and therefore are subject to the relevant copyrights.