Southend Pier Railway stations

The Southend Pier Railway runs for just over two kilometres along the pier at Southend-on-Sea with stations at the shore and pier ends.
Type: Southend Pier Railway
Opened: 1986
Platforms: 2 (shore) + 2 (pier)

The original pier had a horse drawn tramway but when the work on the current pier began in 1887 provision was made for an electric railway. Operations began in 1890 of this railway [1] with the full length completed the following year. After a period of decline this original pier railway closed in 1978.

It was finally replaced in 1986 by a brand new line (though with the original stations reused, the shore-end station dates from the rebuilding of the building it is housed in in 1932 [2]) which was to 914mm gauge. The railway has twin track termini at both ends which are known as North (shore-side) and South (pier-end). This line continues to run today though the original South / pier-end station was damaged in a fire in 2005 and was replaced by a new station in 2009.

The North shore-end station is fully enclosed [3] and has the line's depot next to it and a museum dedicated to the pier underneath, this museum contains preserved cars from the original pier railway. The current line is operated by two diesel locomotives and push-pull rolling stock. There is also an electric single car unit for off-season.

The South pier-end station is open-air though has canopies. Both stations have a single island platform.
Sir John Betjeman stands at the North shore-end station

The South pier-end station

Sir William Heygate at the South pier-end station

North shore-end station

Another view of Sir William Heygate waiting at the South pier-end station

Another view of Sir John Betjeman shore-end, both stations have a single island platform

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