London Kings Cross (KGX)

London Kings Cross is one of the main London termini, being at the Southern end of the East Coast Main Line. Due to it's association with the LNER and Flying Scotsman, and in latter days Harry Potter, the station is arguably the most famous in the UK.

Type: National Rail
(East Coast Main Line)
Station code: KGX
Opened: 1852
Platforms: 12
London Kings Cross was opened in 1852 by the Great Northern Railway. The original station was expanded a number of times in the nineteenth century due to rising demand. During the years of the "Big Four" railway companies London Kings Cross was the main London terminus of the London North Eastern Railway (LNER) and the destination for famous trains like the Flying Scotsman and the record breaking A4 Pacifics.

In British Rail days the station was host to DelticHST and later Class 91 hauled services along the East Coast Main Line. However by the end of the century the station was beginning to be rather run down.

In the early twenty first century London Kings Cross was redeveloped and the original roof restored. In recent years the station has gained fame from the Harry Potter books and films.

London Kings Cross is adjacent to London St Pancras and the two termini share a London Underground station served by no less than six tube lines. The combined transport hub is one of the busiest in the country. London Kings Cross is served by the LNER's modern day namesake, Hull Trains, Great Northern and Thameslink.
Virgin Trains HST

Main concourse

Grand Central 180

Virgin Trains DVT

Station frontage

Under the roof