Hamilton Square (BKQ)

Hamilton Square (officially known as Birkenhead Hamilton Square though maps and signage seldom use this name) is at the Wirral end of the railway tunnel under the Mersey.

Type: National Rail
(Merseyrail Wirral Line)
Station code: BKQ
Opened: 1886
Platforms: 3
Hamilton Square was opened by the Mersey Railway in 1886. Along with Liverpool James Street on the other side of the Mersey it is the oldest deep-level underground railway station in the world. The route under the Mersey did not catch on until electrification in 1903 though, steam haulage in a tunnel under the river proving unpopular!

A burrowing junction was added in 1977 to allow West Kirby and New Brighton trains to pass under the Rock Ferry line allowing for increased service frequency [1]. A new third platform was also built for these services. The station received a major refurbishment in 2014.

Access between the surface and platforms is via lifts. Hamilton Square is a busy station with services towards Liverpool Central at up to five minute intervals during peak periods.
Curved platforms can make despatch troublesome for the guard, especially on a six-car service

507 014 prepares to head below the river 
The tunnel awaits

A replica of the original signage promoting the electric trains

View down the platform

Merseyrail 507 017 arrives
[1] Jonathan Cadwallader & Martin Jenkins, Merseyside Electrics (Ian Allan, 2010) p. 58