Upton and Blewbury

Upton and Blewbury is a closed station that once served the Berkshire villages of Upton, Blewbury and West Hagbourne (which became part of Oxfordshire after 1974).

Type: National Rail
(Didcot, Newbury &
Southampton Railway)
Opened: 1882
Closed: 1962
Platforms: 2
The station was opened by the Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway in 1882 as Upton, it mostly served military camps in the area. Later it became part of the Great Western Railway and was renamed Upton and Blewbury in 1911.

Despite also serving the Atomic Energy Research Establishment in Harwell after the Second World War Upton and Blewbury was closed in 1962.

Upton and Blewbury had two platforms with a station building and one and a shelter on the other. To the North of the station were a couple of sidings and a signalbox. The main station building survives today as a residential property.
Upton and Blewbury looking South (KD Collection)