Rock Ferry (RCY)

Rock Ferry is in the Birkenhead area of the Wirral, it is served by Merseyrail's Wirral Line on the branch to Chester and Ellesmere Port.
Type: National Rail
(Merseyrail Wirral Line)
Station code: RCY
Opened: 1862
Platforms: 4

The station was opened in 1862 by the Chester & Birkenhead Railway replacing an older station called Rock Lane. Rock Ferry became part of the expanding Mersey Railway network in 1891 [1] and was their Southern terminus and interchange with services coming up from the South.

In the 1980s the Merseyrail electric network was extended South to Hooton [2][3] and finally through to Chester and Ellesmere Port. Rock Ferry was changed to a through station. The former Merseyrail terminating platforms are now mostly used for stabling stock with only a handful of services using the platforms, everything else using the two through platforms.
Merseyrail 508 115 on a South bound service

Merseyrail 508 123 arrives at Rock Ferry

Merseyrail 508 128 arrives heading North

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