Clapham South (ZCA)

Clapham South is a stop on the Northern Line on the Southern edge of Clapham Common. The station is in between Clapham Common and Balham stations.

Type: Transport for London
(Northern Line)
Station code: ZCA
Opened: 1926
Platforms: 2
The station was opened by the City & South London Railway (later the Northern Line) in 1926 as the first new station of it's Southern extension to Morden [1]. The station was designed by Charles Holden and finished in Portland Stone. In 1941 a deep-level bomb shelter was built next to the station, see below for more details.

The station is Grade II listed.
A Northern Line train prepares to depart
Escalators to the surface

The way up, lit by these nice lamps

Down the platform

Clapham South Deep Level Shelter

Clapham South was the site of one of eight deep shelters built in 1941 to protect the public from bombing in the Second World War (two others were planned but not built). The shelter was built using the same techniques as London Underground used for the tube and also some of the same materials including tunnel linings.

The shelter is substantial, consisting of a number of four hundred metre long tunnels around thirty metres below the surface. The shelter included sleeping accommodation, washing and catering facilities and a medical area.

The shelter was completed and opened in 1942. By now the Blitz was over but the shelter was needed in 1944 when the German V-1s began falling on London. After the war the shelter had a new role as initial accommodation for migrant workers who had arrived on the MV Empire Windrush without anywhere else to stay [2]. The shelter was also used as a hotel for visitors to the Festival of Britain in 1951 and later on for document storage. 
The shelter was made using the same techniques (and materials) as the tube 
Access to the tube station from the shelter

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