Balham London Underground (ZBL)

Balham tube station is adjacent to Balham National Rail station, sharing an entrance with it.
Type: Transport for London
(Northern Line)
Station code: ZBL
Opened: 1926
Platforms: 2

Balham was opened by the City & South London Railway in 1926 [1] on it's Southern extension to Morden. Balham is in between Clapham South and Tooting Bec. In the Second World War Balham was badly damaged during a bombing raid in 1940 when a bomb exploded on the road above the station. This caused a partial tunnel collapse on the platform below. Over sixty people were killed (the station being used as a shelter) [2]. The station was re-opened within a few months.

The station has two surface buildings, designed by Charles Holden and built from Portland Stone as was common on the Underground in that period.
A Northern Line train in the station

Station roundel

View down the platform

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