Regent's Park (ZRP)

Regent's Park is a stop on the Bakerloo Line between Baker Street and Oxford Circus.

Type: Transport for London
(Bakerloo Line)
Station code: ZRP
Opened: 1906
Platforms: 2
Regent's Park was a late addition to the Baker Street & Waterloo Railway's original plans with the Parliamentary go-ahead to build the station not received until 1904 [1] when the rest of the line was already under construction. It was still able to open with the other original stations of what would become the Bakerloo Line in 1906.

Regent's Park has no surface buildings, the ticket hall is accessed via a subway [2]. Lifts or a ninety-six step staircase are the only way to get to and from the platforms. However the station is one of the quietest tube stations in Zone 1 (with only three million passengers a year!)
A Bakerloo Line 72ts arrives 
An empty platform

Various station signs, notice the tiles do not have an apostrophe 

A Bakerloo Line train about to depart

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