Ealing Broadway London Underground (ZEB)

Adjacent to Ealing Broadway national railway station the tube station is a West London terminus of both the Central and District Lines.
Type: Transport for London
(Central & District Lines)
Station code: ZEB
Opened: 1879
Platforms: 5

The national railway station at Ealing Broadway was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1838. The origins of the tube station date from 1879 [1] when the Metropolitan District Railway opened a station to the North of the GWR one as a terminus of a branch from Turnham Green. The District Railway line was electrified in 1905.

The Central London Railway reached Ealing Broadway in 1920 using a GWR freight only line [2], the line later being transferred to London Underground. The CLR services used the GWR station not the District Railway one. When the national railway station (by now operated by BR) was rebuilt in 1961 the new ticket hall served all lines, the separate District Line ticket hall being closed.

The London Underground part of Ealing Broadway now has five platforms. The Central Line uses two platforms and the District Line three. Part of two of the District platforms is covered by a short canopy which includes early Underground signs used before the roundel became ubiquitous.
District S7 Stock train arrives 

Pre-roundel Underground sign

Central Line 92TS train prepares to depart East

View of the canopy over two of the District platforms

End of the line

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