Pimlico (ZPO)

Type: Transport for London
(Victoria Line)
Station code: ZPO
Opened: 1972
Platforms: 2
Pimlico was the last station to be opened on the Victoria Line and is also the only station on that line that does not have an interchange with another service.

Pimlico was a late addition to the extension of the Victoria Line scheme through to Brixton. At first London Underground were hesitant to add an extra station between Victoria and the river Thames as it was felt the business case was too marginal however there was strong local support and the Crown Estate which owned the land where the station was to be built offered free easements [1]. The station was not ready when trains began to run on the extension (though the platforms were in place). The station was finally opened in 1972 just over a year after the rest of the extension opened [2].

As with the other stations on the Victoria Line Pimlico's platforms have a unique tile motif design. In Pimlico's case the motif represents modern art, the station being close to the Tate Britain gallery [3].
A 2009TS train stands at Pimlico

Pimlico's tile motif

Station entrance

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