Birmingham International (BHI)

Type: National Rail (West Coast Main Line)
Station code: BHI
Opened: 1976
Platforms: 5
Birmingham International (which is actually in Solihull) was built in 1976 to serve the newly opened National Exhibition Centre and Birmingham Airport [1]. The name derives from the airport which at the time was called Birmingham International Airport (the "International" has been dropped nowadays).

Located on the West Coast Main Line it is literally a few minutes journey from Birmingham New Street though also is well served by Virgin Trains, Arriva Trains Wales, Cross Country and London Midland with destinations including London, Manchester, North Wales and Bournemouth and local destinations across the West Midlands area.

Birmingham International used to be linked to the airport by the first public maglev train in service, developed by British Rail at Derby [2][3], in the world though it has now been replaced by cable hauled cars.
LM 350 123 pauses with a Euston bound service

View down the platform

LM 323 205 with a local service

The concourse 

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