Russell Square (ZRS)

Russell Square is a stop on the London Underground Piccadilly Line between Holborn and Kings Cross St Pancras.
A Piccadilly Line train departs

Type: Transport for London (Piccadilly Line)
Station code: ZRS
Opened: 1906
Platforms: 2

The station was opened by the Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway in 1906 later becoming part of the London Underground Piccadilly Line. The station surface was designed by Leslie Green in his typical red tiled style. The platforms were finished with a unique light green and cream design to aid station recognition for illiterate passengers [1] as did all sub-surface stations on the line [2]. The tile walls also have the station name prominently displayed in tiles. Both surface and sub-surface parts of the station have been well preserved. London Underground though have looked at building a larger ticket hall [3]. The station is Grade II listed.

The station has no escalators. Access between the surface and platform levels is via three lifts or one hundred and seventy five steps (naturally the former is advised by signage on the station!)

The station was used in the 1970s horror film Death Line.
Station name in the tiles

Station building

Down the platform

Lifts or a lot of steps!

A Piccadilly Line train stands at the platform

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