Kidderminster Town

Kidderminster Town is the Southern terminus of the Severn Valley Railway, the station is adjacent to the National Rail station Kidderminster. Unlike most of the other stations on the SVR Kidderminster Town is not a former network station that was closed and later re-opened but was built new from scratch for the SVR.
Type: Preserved Railway
(Severn Valley Railway)
Opened: 1984
Platforms: 2

The Severn Valley Line was largely closed to passenger traffic in 1963 though services continued from Kidderminster to Bewdley until 1970. By now the Northern end of the line had re-opened as the Severn Valley Railway. Services from Bridgnorth slowly made their way South as the line was gradually re-opened reaching Bewdley in 1974.

Goods services at Kidderminster ceased in 1982 when the yard was closed, the Severn Valley Railway bought the remaining stretch of the line from Bewdley to Kidderminster. As it was difficult to use the British Rail station it was decided to built a new station called Kidderminster Town in a faux Victorian GWR style (based on the station at Ross-on-Wye) on the opposite side of the car park to the BR station. The station opened in 1984 though some elements of the original plans were not completed until 2006.

The station consists of a single island platform with run-around facilities and storage bay sidings on both sides. Next to Kidderminster Town station is the Kidderminster Railway Museum and nearby is the SVR's carriage shed and Diesel Depot.
A Class 20 waits in one of the bay sidings, the museum is in the background

Visiting Network Rail 73 962 in one of the station sidings

GWR 1450 arrives giving brave van rides

D1062 at Kidderminster

34053 takes on water before another passenger service

A Class 50 brings a train in