Ledbury Town Halt

Ledbury Town Halt was opened by the Ledbury & Gloucester Railway in 1885. The line - also known as the Daffodil Line - was built over part of the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal which was leased to the GWR in 1863. Work began in the 1880s on converting part of it to a railway which ran from Ledbury Junction (the current Ledbury station) to Gloucester.

Type: National Rail (Daffodil Line)
Opened: 1885
Closed: 1959
Traffic on the line was light, the line being singled during the First World War, especially towards the end when a single railcar sufficed [1]. Closure of the line began in 1959 when Ledbury Town Halt was closed, though parts of the line did continue for freight until the early 1960s.

Nowadays there is little trace of Ledbury Town Halt, the track bed is now a walking trail (the Ledbury Town Trail) which was filled in to bring to the same height as the surrounding land. Photos of the station can be seen on this web page.
Looking North towards Ledbury station

The station was just about here but no trace remains

[1] Michael Welch, Diesels on the Western (Capital Transport, 2013) p. 8