Monks Risborough (MRS)

Type: National Rail (Aylesbury-
Princes Risborough Line)
Station code: MRS
Opened: 1929
Platforms: 1
Monks Risborough is a small station on the branch line between Aylesbury and Princes Risborough (which is nearby and the next station up the line). The station opened as Monks Risborough & Whiteleaf Halt under the GWR in 1929 [1]. Later on it was transferred to London Midland Region and is now managed by Chiltern Railways.

It is a simple station with just a single platform and a few basic facilities such as a ticket machine and a permit to travel machine. As well as the two destinations mentioned above some trains also go straight through to London Marylebone.

Monks Risborough and the branch line it lies on have always been fairly quiet. In steam days a single carriage autotrain was usually sufficient and the branch line became the last bastion of the British Railway first generation DMU with Class 121 "Bubble Cars" still operating on the line until this year [2].
Chiltern 165 005 departs bound for Aylesbury

In case you lose your bearings

Permit to travel machine

Looking towards Princes Risborough

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[2] "Bubbles blown for last time", Modern Railways (May 2017) p. 58