Penns was a station on the Sutton Park Line in Walmley. Now the route is just used for freight.

Type: British Railways
(Sutton Park Line)
Opened: 1879
Closed: 1965
Platforms: 2
Penns was opened by the Midland Railway in 1879 on it's route from Water Orton to Walsall. The station was built to the standard MR design with a booking office on one platform and a waiting room on the other. The station had a goods yard though this was separated from the station by two bridges [1]. The station was renamed Penns for Walmley in 1936 though the name reverted to just Penns in 1955 [2].

The goods yard was closed in February 1965, a few weeks after passenger services ceased in mid-January. Little remains of Penns station now apart from a trace of one of the platforms. A religious building now occupies the site of the station.
All that remains of Penns is a trace of the platform on the right

A Freightliner 66 passes the site of Penns, the goods yard was just beyond the bridge

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