Stamford (SMD)

Stamford in Southern Lincolnshire is a stop on the Birmingham-Peterborough Line between Oakham and Peterborough.

Type: National Rail
Peterborough Line)
Station code: SMD
Opened: 1848
Platforms: 2
The station was opened in 1848 by the Syston & Peterborough Railway, later part of the Midland Railway. The station was later renamed Stamford Town in 1950 to distinguish it from Stamford East. The name reverted to Stamford in 1966 [1] (the other station closed in the late 1950s).

Stamford is referred to as Stamford (Lincs) on tickets and timetables to avoid confusion with stations like Stamford Hill. The station is managed by East Midlands Trains though most services are operated by Cross Country.

Stamford has a fine Grade II listed main building in the Mock Tudor style. The station has just two platforms now but once had a bay platform (for services to Seaton) and a goods yard. Both have now closed, the latter replaced by a car park and housing. A retired signalbox is next to the station, this was moved there in 1988 to act as a store for a bookshop which was located in the main station building. The bookshop moved to the town in 2016 [2], the signalbox is now derelict.
XC 170 102 with a Stansted Airport service

Passenger footbridge

Station frontage

Under the canopy

Signalbox next to the station

View from the footbridge, the former bay platform was on the left

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