Dollis Hill (ZDO)

Dollis Hill is a station on the Jubilee Line in North West London though has had a varied history being part of three separate lines on the underground.

Type: Transport for London
(Jubilee Line)
Station code: ZDO
Opened: 1909
Platforms: 2
The station was opened by the Metropolitan Railway in 1909, in the early 1930s it was renamed Dollis Hill & Gladstone Park for a short period before reverting back. In 1939 the station was transferred to the Bakerloo Line as part of the Stanmore branch [1].

Metropolitan Line trains no longer stopped at the station after 1940 though continued (and to this day continue) to pass by on the fast lines. To facilitate the transfer of the station between tube lines the platform had to be moved so the Metropolitan Lines could be located either side of the Bakerloo [2].

Change of platform location, based on Horne p. 20
In 1979 the Jubilee Line was formed from the Stanmore branch of the Bakerloo. The station has a single island platform with access via a subway.
96ts 96108 on a Southbound service

View down the platform

Platform building

A Metropolitan Line S8 passes the station

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