Stourbridge Town (SBT)

Type: National Rail (Stourbridge Branch)
Station code: SBT
Opened: 1879
Platforms: 1
The Stourbridge Branch Line runs for less than a mile (1.3km) between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town, its terminus. The station was opened in 1879 as the original Stourbridge station (the Junction) was felt to be too far away from the town centre.

Stourbridge Town was originally situated where Stourbridge bus station is now. The station was moved back 64m to its current position in 1979. Although the station (and branch line) have been considered for closure a number of times it remains open into the present day and is now host to the unique flywheel powered Class 139 multiple unit. The self-contained nature of the branch line making it suitable for an experimental train.

Stourbridge Town is a small station with a single 52m long platform. It has been served mostly by diesel railcars like the Class 153 and now the Class 139. Despite being a very small station it has a manned ticket office.
A Class 139 at Stourbridge Town

The ticket office

View of the station from the entrance