Four Oaks (FOK)

Four Oaks is a station on the Northern half of the Cross-City Line situated between Sutton Coldfield and Butlers Lane.
WMR 323 206 arrives at Four Oaks

Type: National Rail (Cross-City Line)
Station code: FOK
Opened: 1884
Platforms: 3

The station was opened by the London & North Western Railway in 1884 when it extended it's line from Sutton Coldfield to Lichfield City [1]. The station once had a number of sidings and a substantial main station building. The latter have now gone though the waiting room on the island platform with it's original canopies remains. The station has gained ample car parking though and is one of a number of the stations on the line advertised as park and ride stations.

When the Cross-City Line was launched in 1978 Four Oaks was the original Northern terminus [2] though most trains go on through to Lichfield these days. Some services still terminate/begin at Four Oaks and usually use Platform 3, a bay platform. The Cross-City Line was electrified in 1992.
Main station building

View towards Butlers Lane

Platform shelter, beyond is the car park

View from the footbridge

WMR 323 213 on Platform 3

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[2] John Glover, BR Diary 1978-1985 (Ian Allan, 1985) p. 19