Old Street (OLD/ZOS)

Old Street is a stop on the Northern City Line between Moorgate and Essex Road and a stop on the Bank branch of the Northern Line of the London Underground between Angel and Moorgate.

Type: Transport for London
(Northern Line) &
Network Rail
(Northern City Line)
Station code: OLD/ZOS
Opened: 1901
Platforms: 4
The station was opened by the first deep-level underground railway in the world, the City & South London Railway, in 1901. The CSLR later became the Northern Line of London Underground.

The Northern City Line platforms were opened in 1904. This line also later became part of the Northern Line though the tunnels built for the Northern City Line were large enough for main-line trains and it was not connected to the rest of the Northern Line.

The Northern City Line passed to British Rail in 1976 with through services to as far as Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire [1].

The station surface building was rebuilt in 1925 with further redevelopments in 1968 and 2014. Northern City Line services are nowadays by Great Northern.
A Great Northern 313 stands at one of the Northern City platforms

Northern Line platform

Access to the Underground part of the station

Northern City platform

[1] Chris Heaps, BR Diary 1968-1977 (Ian Allan, 1988) p. 100