Shirley (SRL)

Shirley is a stop on the North Warwickshire Line (usually called the Shakespeare Line nowadays) between Yardley Wood and Whitlocks End.
Type: National Rail
(Shakespeare Line)
Station code: SRL
Opened: 1908
Platforms: 2

Shirley was opened in 1908 along with other stations on the line by the Great Western Railway. It was given a brick building which is still in use with full facilities (with ten staff) as well as a goods yard, which was removed in 1968 [1]. The station is otherwise largely unchanged from opening apart from signage. The footbridge has been replaced though and lifts have been added either side of the footbridge in recent years to aid station accessibility.

Shirley was the terminus for commuter services from Birmingham until services were extended to Whitlocks End in 2010. Shirley also has services for Stratford-upon-Avon and Worcester.
WMR 172 218 departs Shirley

Station frontage

View of the footbridge

View of the station buildings

Footbridge view including the lift shafts either side

Station sign

[1] Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith, Stratford-upon-Avon to Birmingham (Moor Street) (Middleton Press, 2006) Fig. 74