Blakedown (BKD)

Blakedown serves the Worcestershire village of Blakedown which is near to Kidderminster.
Type: National Rail
(Snow Hill Lines)
Station code: BKD
Opened: 1852
Platforms: 2

Blakedown was opened in 1852 by the Great Western Railway as Churchill (Churchill was the name of an adjacent village and the neighbouring parish, Blakedown village was transferred to the parish in 1888). The name was later changed to Churchill & Blakedown before finally being changed to just Blakedown. The now disused signal box by the level crossing still carries the old name.

Blakedown is a simple unstaffed halt with just a couple of bus shelters on the platforms. Access between the two platforms is via the level crossing.
WMT 172 341 arrives with a Birmingham bound service

GWR style station nameboard

Entrance to the Kidderminster platform

Station sign

Signal box, notice the station name 
Level crossing