Alton (AON)

Type: National Rail (Alton Line) &
Preserved Railway (Mid
Hants Railway)
Station code: AON
Opened: 1852
Platforms: 3
Alton is the terminus of the Alton Line but also one of the termini of the preserved Mid-Hants Railway (also known as the Watercress Line). The station is shared between National Rail and the preserved railway with platforms 1 and 2 being used by NR and platform 3 for the preserved line.

The station was opened by the London & South West Railway in 1852 though moved to its current site (immediately adjacent to the old site which now forms the car park) in 1865. Under the guise of the Southern Railway the line from Woking was electrified down to Alton in 1937.

The Mid-Hants Railway was a separate line built by the Mid-Hants Railway Company from Winchester in the 1860s, it opened in 1865 and shared the same Alton station as the line from Woking. The line was closed by British Rail in 1973 after a long period of decline (the lack of electrification meaning that through-trains were not possible) but re-opened as a preserved line in 1977 as far as Alresford. However services were not restored through to Alton until 1985.
Two SWT 450s just after arrival, the footbridge grants access between the platforms 
Old and new, SWT trains viewed from the Mid-Hants platform

A steam train approaches

Vintage signage in place on the Mid-Hants platform

Buildings on the Mid-Hants platform