Bedford St Johns (BSJ)

Nowadays a single platform halt Bedford St Johns was Bedford's first station though is much changed since it opened in the mid-nineteenth century.

Type: National Rail
(Marston Vale Line)
Station code: BSJ
Opened: 1846
Platforms: 1
It was opened as Bedford by the Buckinghamshire Railway as part of the Oxford-Cambridge Line (more commonly known as the Varsity Line) in 1846. Confusingly the Midland Railway also called their station Bedford which they opened in 1859. In 1924 the original station was renamed Bedford St Johns and the newer station Bedford Midland Road.

The Varsity Line began to be closed in the late 1960s leaving just the route from Bedford St Johns to Bletchley. The original Bedford St Johns, by then a terminus, was closed in 1984 and a new single platform halt built on a new chord line to Bedford. The Bedford-Bletchley route is now known as the Marston Vale Line.

Bedford St Johns is a basic unmanned stop with just a single bus shelter and a passenger information screen. There are firm plans to re-open the Varsity Line which means Bedford St Johns could be restored as a more substantial station one day.
WMR 153 374 arrives with a Bletchley bound service

The full length of the platform can be seen in this photo

Station sign, former operator London Midland gave gold sign due to Olympian success in Bedford

Station sign

A bus shelter and a couple of benches make up Bedford St John's facilities