Canary Wharf (ZCW)

Canary Wharf Docklands Light Railway station and the nearby Jubilee Line tube station have been built to serve the office and shopping complex built as part of the Docklands regeneration in the 1980s.

Type: Transport for London
(Jubilee Line &
Docklands Light Railway)
Station code: ZCW
Opened: (DLR) 1991
(Jubilee) 1998
Platforms: (DLR) 6
(Jubilee) 2
The DLR station was first, it was part of the original plans for the Docklands Light Railway though not opened until 1991 [1]. Initial plans for the station were fairly modest but the size of the Canary Wharf development and expected passenger numbers saw the plans change to include six platforms for three tracks. The station is very close to Heron Quays and West India Quay DLR stations.

The Jubilee Line was bought to Canary Wharf to supplement the DLR line which was seen as being inadequate for expected custom. The new station, which is separate from the DLR station though pretty close (though Heron Quays is actually slightly closer), was the centrepiece of the huge Jubilee Line Extension project [2]. The station was built in a former drained dock of the Thames and is a huge pit twenty four metres deep and two hundred and eighty metres long by thirty two metres wide [3]. Designed by Sir Norman Foster Canary Wharf tube station has a dramatic modern design and has been voted the most loved tube station by the general public. The Jubilee Line platforms have platform edges doors like the other underground stations on the JLE [4].

Canary Wharf tube station is the second busiest tube station outside of central London with over fifty four million entrances and exits a year. The DLR station is somewhat quieter having only over nineteen million entrances and exits a year! Both stations will be joined by Canary Wharf railway station in late 2018, being built as part of the Crossrail / Elizabeth Line project.
DLR #155 at Canary Wharf, each line has double platforms

Street entrance to the tube station, there are two either end of the station

Canary Wharf tube station concourse, notice the columns and light from the street entrance

Platform level, the Jubilee Line platforms have platform edge doors
A DLR train crosses in front of the tube station, Canary Wharf DLR is to the left, Heron Quays the right

Jubilee platform station sign and seat

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