East Acton (ZEA)

East Acton is a station on the London Underground Central Line in West London.
Type: Transport for London
(Central Line)
Station code: ZEA
Opened: 1920
Platforms: 2

The station was opened by the Central London Railway (later the Central Line) in 1920 [1] on its extension West out to Ealing Broadway running on the Ealing & Shepherd's Bush Railway which had been built by the Great Western Railway for freight in the First World War.

The station was built on an embankment with steep steps down to street level [2] with buildings in a Great Western style [3]. Wooden platform shelters of a traditional design were provided for passengers and these have been retained after station refurbishment.
West bound 92ts 91101 arrives at East Acton
Look down the line towards Ealing, notice the narrowness of the platform

A West bound 92ts train arrives

Ready for boarding

Two passing Central Line trains, notice the wooden shelter

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