Cheltenham Spa (CNM)

Once there half a dozen stations in the town but Cheltenham Spa is now the only remaining station in Cheltenham.

Type: National Rail
(Birmingham-Bristol Line)
Station code: CNM
Opened: 1840
Platforms: 2
The station was opened by the Birmingham & Gloucester Railway in 1840 as Lansdown. Lansdown was named after a housing development a mile from the town centre. It was later renamed Cheltenham Spa (Lansdown) by the LMS and finally just Cheltenham Spa in British Railway days. Cheltenham's other stations such as Malvern Road (1966) and Cheltenham South & Leckhampton (1962) have now closed. One thing to note is that the "Spa" part of the name was a marketing invention by the railway company to make the town more attractive to tourists.

Much of the station has remained fairly unchanged since 1840 with the original iron pillars still in place. The station entrance's original stone portico was replaced by a wooden canopy in the 1960s [1]. The footbridge is also a more recent replacement.

Cheltenham Spa is a busy station with up to 12 trains per hour operated by Great Western Railway, Cross Country and Arriva Trains Wales. Recently there have been proposals to improve the station and increase operational flexibility including the building of two bay platforms for terminating services (which currently have to terminate on the main line). However all plans are currently on hold.
View along the platform

Platform canopy


GWR 43 024 arrives with a Swindon bound service

A South West bound Cross Country HST prepares to depart
[1] Cheltenham Spa Railway Station