Amersham (AMR/ZAM)

Type: Transport for London (Metropolitan
Line) & National Rail
Station code: AMR/ZAM
Opened: 1892
Platforms: 3
Amersham is at the top left edge of the London Underground tube map and is the second furthest station from the centre of London after Chesham. Amersham is a terminus of the Metropolitan Line though also is host to National Rail services from Aylesbury to London Marylebone operated by Chiltern Railways.

Amersham was opened by the Metropolitan Railway in 1892, later becoming joint owned with the Great Central Railway (later LNER and finally BR). Although Amersham and the Metropolitan Railway became part of the London Underground in 1933 the line was not electrified until 1960. The new EMU stock for the Metropolitan Line at the time was called the A60 Stock, the A after Amersham.

The station has 3 platforms with buildings and canopies over both. There is a footbridge linking the platforms. Metropolitan Line trains terminate here, after checks the train moves forward just outside the station before switching over to the other track and beginning the long journey back to the big city.
One of the furthest (official) LU station roundels you'll see from London!

Chiltern 168 001 departs heading for Marylebone

Main station building

S Stock train begins the long journey back to London


Aylesbury bound Chiltern 165 008 arrives