Erdington (ERD)

Type: National Rail (Cross-City Line)
Station code: ERD
Opened: 1862
Platforms: 2
Erdington serves the district of the same name in North-East Birmingham. As a typical suburban commuter station it hosts an endless stream of Cross-City line EMUs (currently Class 323s). The only other services through the station are diversions or empty stock workings. From Erdington as well as to Birmingham New Street you can also go to destinations like Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield City, Redditch and Longbridge.

The station is situated on Station Road near the High Street and was built by the London & North West Railway (an alternative route for a railway through Erdington was proposed in the mid-1800s to go along what is now the Tyburn Road and Wood End Lane and have a station on Orphanage Road). The station was later owned by the LMS (and LMS lettering can still be seen on the railway bridge next to the station entrance) and of course British Rail. Nowadays it is managed by London Midland.

There are two platforms with a manned ticket office and waiting room on one of them, the other buildings being bus-shelter style buildings. Access to the station and between the platforms is via a ramp down to the street. Like many small stations Erdington did once have a goods siding and unloading wharf though this is long gone [1].

The only serious rail accident at the station occured in 1875 when a stationary goods train was hit from behind by a passenger train though there were luckily no fatalities or serious injuries [2]. Another potentially serious incident was averted in 1966 when a passer-by noticed a barrackade had been built across the track and they alerted the nearest signalbox [3].
LM 323 208 arrives with a Lichfield bound service

Entrance to the station is on the right

XC HST passes through, only LM local services stop at the station

Platform shelter

A cat crosses the tracks, the main station building can be seen in the background

RHTT track machine passes through

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